Custom Sized Ads

Custom Sized Ads are display advertisements that are showcased in newspapers as per the advertiser's requirement. These ads are customizable based on the advertiser's budget and are displayed on the front page, third page, back page, and any pages. Custom Sized Ads have a minimum size of approx. on the front page and approx. 20sq. cm on all other pages.

₹100 per. sq. cm/ Insert


Height Width Format Resolution
as per the requirement as per the requirement 300 DPI
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Additional Instructions

Additional Instructions:

- Custom Sized Ads: ₹100 per sq. cm
- First-timer Discount- 10%
- Regular Customer Discount- 25% (After 3 ads or more)

Art Work Submission Deadline:

Creative should be received by the ops team 48 hours prior to the campaign going live. Creative should be received before 5 pm, which is to be shared with the publication for approval. Any changes related to the campaign must be informed 72 hours prior to the campaign going live. No creative work will be done on Saturday and Sunday.